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105 min, Drama & Thriller




Cheating the CIA, the main goal of the operational plan of the KGB general. The sacred victims of the plan were the lives of the crews of Soviet nuclear-powered submarines, agents of the KGB and the GRU. The action of the film comes against the background of real historical events that nearly led to a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Some events and characters are fictional, any resemblance are purely coincidental.


Sergey Mosienko,Mehen's Deceiving,Screenplay//2018,p.118,ISBN 978-5-00077-825-8

95 min,  Adventure & Fantasy 




The history of Meryl, Chairman of the Board of Directors of a Pharmaceutical Company, and engineer Tom. Without waiting for help from the FBI and the police, they begin their own operation against an unknown high-tech adversary, who is willing to do whatever it takes to get billions in profits from the sale of counterfeit medicines produced by Meryl's company. Meryl and Tom will have to resolve their disagreements and not only become partners in the fight against combat drones equipped with weapons and a nuclear power unit, but also jointly take the path of the introduction of revolutionary technology developed by Tom to protect the drugs from counterfeits. The plot of the film is based on the latest developments of artificial intelligence and high tech.

110 min,
 Adventure & Fantasy 


Wise is a math teacher in New York, who lives a modest life and dreams of taking the post of the school headmaster. He is considered to be one of the best cryptographers in the world; and that is why Alba Flower, his lawyer, asks him for help, because only he knows that with the help of a secret key, one can discover the magic formula. Great power lies in that formula and with that power comes authority: this is something that people have been trying to achieve for a century. However, the circumstances are such that the deal with the evil spirit is off; it was after this that the teacher must be careful with his thoughts, which are beginning to turn into reality. Defiance of the enormous human temptations and Wise's indifference did not allow him to cover the entire globe with blood and light it with the glow of fires, even though his servant Flower is Satan's own helper.


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