Online Measurement & Control High-Power Laser Solution


Damage Threshold 100 kW CW CO2 Laser 

Ideal Device for FIR/MIR Laser's

Unique Devices for R & D Equipment

No analogues in the World


Laser power measurement system

Laser radiation tracking system

Spectral composition control system

Laser radiation imaging system

Combat laser guidance system


Type 01R 02R 03WR (Water-Cooled)
Diameter, inch 1.5 2.0 2.0
Thickness, inch 0.25 0.375 1.0
Material Cu Cu Cu
Reflectivity,% [for 10.6 μm ] 98.8 98.6 98.8
Diffraction Efficiency (-1 Order),% 0.10 0.01 0.10
Angle of -1 Order, degree 15 or 28 13 15
Power density of incident beam, kW/cm2 3.5 3.5 5.25
Price 29,500.00 35,500.00 45,500.00

SMA PROGRESS Company profile

SMA PROGRESS provides turnkey engineering and design, procurement, installation and maintenance for complete navigations needs Army - everything from Enhanced Position Location and Reporting System to high-power laser equipment, anti-jamming technology and more. And with more than 5 years of experience and professional technicians and engineers, SMA PROGRESS is ready for any navigations and lasers project for Army.
The development and production of high-power laser technology is limited to a very specific, closed market sector with a particularly high cost of admission. Worldwide, only about 2-3 companies work with this technology. World leaders include the U.S./Canada companies; and also the Russian SMA PROGRESS,LLC. The latter is the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of reflective beam sampler technology.

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